Hawaiian Aliʻi Event Series

Hawaiʻi holds a rich history with people who really did the best for the betterment of the people.  There are so much Hawaiian Aliʻi or royalty who have contributed their lives to the Hawaiian people and their kingdom.  Even till this day, the Native Hawaiians, Hawaiʻi residents and our island visitors are all effected by the contributions of Hawaiʻi's aliʻi.  
The Hawaiian Aliʻi Event Series is our way of bringing attention and awareness to a few of these aliʻi in a fun and educational setting.  By creating a great day of arts, craft, entertainment and cultural workshops, we create the platform for our local communities and our visitor industry to learn about true Hawaiʻi and why we all are attached this these lands.  
In 2017, we honored:
Prince Kūhiō
Queen Emma
King Kamehameha II
Queen Liliʻuokalani