Native Hawaiian Expo

The Native Hawaiian Arts & Culture Expo creates a bridge to walk on that connects old Hawaiʻi with today's.  Hawaiian culture consists not just of ancient living, but it also includes a wide range of outside influences that in turn created a unique aspects of Hawaiʻi today.  We use this platform to allow our own artisans and practitioners to share their art, their practice and knowledge with our own communities but also our visitors.  
Our goal is to "Bridge Hawaiʻi with the World!"™
The Native Hawaiian Expo is comprised of 4 categories:
•Craft Fair
•Cultural Workshops
•Art Gallery
"I loved the caliber and on-hand expertise of the instructors for the different classes – best of the best!" Lina Girl, Hawaiʻi EntertainerContact us to plan a Native Hawaiian Expo for your special function, community event, or private event."
-Lina Girl, Hawaiʻi Entertainer
"It was a very well put together event. Everything was on point- from the variety of vendor options to the cultural classes. It honestly made me even more proud to be Native Hawaiian because of the awesome craftsmanship, cultural 'ike, and overall aloha spirit that was shown. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who is interested in the Hawaiian culture. Mahalo nui for putting together such a wonderful event."
-Lacy Deniz, Hawaiʻi News Now