Kamaka Pili, President
As an artist and cultural practitioner himself, Kamaka leads NH ACE with the artists in mind. From hula to lomilomi to lāʻau lapaʻau to lauhala to kapa to oli to surfing and beyond, Kamaka has the passion to grow his knowledge of Hawaiʻi's past and learn where he comes from.   With his  experience and networks in both the Hawaiian and retail communities, Kamaka is ʻeleu (energetic; eager) in finding ways to build bridges between Hawaiian arts and culture with these industries and using them as tools to educate about Hawaiian culture and history with the world.  

Past Owl's Nest (Advisory Board)

Our Owl's Nest is full out accomplished, experienced and wise artists who dedicated their lives to perpetuating Hawaiian culture through their work.  They also believe that the world is stepping into a new age and we need the new generation to integrate their creativity and energy.  The Owl's Nest also stands as the boundaries for the Creative Table, allowing the ideas of NH ACE come from a new source but making sure we stick to our mission.
Juanita Kawamoto-Brown, Noa Noa Hawaiʻi
From being a business owner for over 30 years to being very active in the Native Hawaiian community and political realm in Hawaiʻi, Aunty Juanita brings experience, knowledge and love for our culture here in Hawaiʻi.  
 Kuʻulei Vedder - Homegrown Hawaiian
With years of retail, wholesale and entrepreneur experience, Kuʻulei understands the struggles of becoming a business owner and also the constant challenges that come as your maintain and evolve your business.
Uncle Helemano Lee - Royal Hawaiian Kāhili
Known as a feather kāhili (standard) maker, Uncle Helemano is very knowledgeable about Hawaiian history and culture.  He works with a drug/substance abuse rehab non-profit organization called Hoʻomau Ke Ola where he uses Hawaiian culture and values as tools to help heal the students.  As a previous Cultural Director for the Royal Hawaiian Center, Uncle Helemano has years of experience to bring to the table and guide NH ACE into the future.
Mary Haunani Cesar - Aloha Quilters Association (AQA)

Mary Haunani Cesar has been making and teaching Hawaiian quilting for 25 yrs, she is well known for her easy, can do approach to quilting and has developed many techniques aimed at keeping Hawaiian quilting current without stepping on tradition. She teaches both traditional and contemporary styles of Hawaiian quilting. Mary is an award winning quilter, designer, and author.  Through AQA Mary is working to bring awareness to 2020, which will be the 200th anniversary of quilting here in Hawaiʻi.

Kapono Aluli Souza - Hawaiʻi Bodyworks
Taught by his grandmother, Kapono perpetuates his ʻOhana's style of lomilomi as a practitioner and Kumu (teacher). Kapono is also very established in the Hawaiian community, practicing other cultural arts such as Lua (Hawaiian marital arts) and Lāʻau Lapaʻau (Hawaiian medicine).  With over 20 years of experience as a practitioner and professional therapist, he is among some of the most innovative martial bodyworkers today in Hawaiʻi. He brings the spiritual aspect of Hawaiian culture and arts to NH ACE.
Walter Kawaiʻaeʻa - The Kahauanu Lake Singers
As the prodigy of the late great Kahauanu Lake, Walter Kawaiʻaeʻa has been in the world of Hawaiian music for over 50 years. He is a musician, a kumu (teacher) of ʻukulele and a historian, moʻokūʻauhau or genealogy.  Uncle Walter brings much guidance and life to NH ACE.
Chinky Māhoe - Hālau Kawailiʻulā
A storyteller in his own right, Kumu Hula Chinky shares his creativity through his students and his hula.  He is an award winning Kumu Hula (hula teacher) and an accomplished musical artist with 2 released albums.  Kumu Chinky's guidance as an advisor is invaluable.